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Denmark 2014

An Individual Championships Where Players Compete For The Title

Tournament Players

Christinna Pedersen

Chen Long

Lee Chong Wei

Li-Ning title sponsors World Championships in Denmark

As a mark of credibility and value, Li-Ning was the titlesponsor who is well-known for the different kinds of efforts and services that they have put into the industry. So this particular collaboration was sure tobring out suitable benefits.



As the man on top, the coveted title for Men’s singles went to the one and only Chen Long. His sense of preparation and will to perform was all that mattered.


As the women on top, the coveted title went ahead to be seated alongside Li Xuerui, as she provided a fierce competition and formulated a game that was unbreakable.


With an intense ability to perform and an acute understanding of the game, Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang made it to the top and were awarded the title for Women’s doubles.


Just like the women’s doubles, the men’s doubles were filled with valuable efforts of teamwork, as Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan took centre stage to outshine the rest of the competition.

World Championships Coach Forum 2014

A forum for individuals dedicated to play the sport and cherish every moment that they have spent on the field.

player's Medal

Gold Medal

A top-class honour that is hard both to receive and to forget, given to all those individuals who have defined the sport to a large extent. True rng.

Silver Medal

Another top accomplishment that is credited to ones who have put in the right efforts to climb the ladder of success and become a force to be reckoned with.

Bronze Medal

The medal that uplifts your efforts and shines brightly, as it brings forward tears of joy and countless hours of sacrifice that never went unnoticed.

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