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True Origin And History Of Badminton Sport You Should Not Miss At All

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Badminton Sport

The badminton is one of the most surprising sports on the earth when you have a fascinating cosmopolitan history. There are many things you will know about the origin and the history of badminton. In the 5th century, the game was called the’ Ti Jian Zi’ which was used in the first games which use the shuttle play to help people in China. The word ‘Ti Jian Zi’ translated to kicking the shuttle. The main game is to hit the shuttle as many times as possible without hitting the ground. Later, the game was called the Battledore and shuttlecock which was played in Japan, India and Greece. The game involved hitting the shuttlecock backwards and forwards.

This is a famous game among children which was played in England around the 16th century. In the 17th century, it was also seen as a pastime in European countries. Modern Badminton can easily be tracked in the year 1860s in British India. The game was called the Poona. It was initially played with woollen balls and were used by the upper class in windy conditions. When it becomes competitive, a new was added and made into a more comprehensive game.

This game later was enforced by England in the year 1873, and this is where it took the name badminton. Badminton takes its name from the home of Duke of Beaufort in the country of Gloucestershire. In the year 1887, the Badminton club took the first set of written rules which was later revised in the 1890s. Later Badminton Association of England was formed, and rules were made formal. The first match by the Badminton Association was an All India Open Badminton Championships. This included ladies doubles as well as mixed doubles.

Today, badminton is a sport which is spread in its popularity. In the year 1934, the international badminton federation was established which was found with the nine founding members England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Holland, Canada, New Zealand and France. India joined the affiliation in the year 1936 which is now known as the Badminton World Federation with over 150 associates. The BWF administrator held the first IBF tournament which was the Thomas Cup in the year 1948.


Badminton is moderately new Olympic sports which were demonstrated in the year 1972 Munich Olympic. This sport granted Olympic status for the Barcelona Games in 1992. This is the only singles and doubles champions competition which were started for the first time in the Olympic games. The Atlantic Olympic Games mixed doubles which were introduced in the year 1996. Asian nations play a leading role in international competition. There are only five countries China, Indonesia, Korea, Denmark, and England achieved the gold medals in the Olympic since badminton sport introduction in the year 1992. Let’s see what 2021 brings when it comes and before that, you can watch these 7 must-see movies.

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